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Why With Vikas Kumar MathMentor

I’m Vikas Kumar, your dedicated Mathematics tutor with over two decades of experience. Whether it’s online or offline in Delhi, I’ve been guiding students from grades IX to XII in the art of mastering mathematics.

My teaching philosophy

It revolves around creating a positive and engaging learning environment. I firmly believe in fostering a space where students feel not just comfortable but encouraged to ask questions and challenge themselves to grasp new concepts.

In my classes

I employ a diverse range of teaching methods, leveraging interactive presentations to keep the learning experience dynamic and interesting. It's my responsibility to tailor my teaching approach to suit the individual needs of each student, ensuring that everyone has the opportunity to thrive.

As an experienced tutor

my ultimate goal is to assist students in achieving their academic aspirations. I aim not only to help them excel in their studies but also to instill in them a genuine love for learning that will endure throughout their lives.

If you're a concerned parent

Seeking a professional and seasoned mathematics tutor for your child, look no further. Together, let's embark on a journey of academic success and a lifelong appreciation for the beauty of mathematics


 Students Who Have Learned From Me.

Modern School, Barakhamba Road [Maths: 97] [Batch of 2019]

Convent of Jesus & Mary School [Maths-99]

Srijan school [Marks 95] Class XII


Relating math to everyday scenarios for better understanding.

Making math intriguing and exciting for lasting engagement.

Continuous learning through consistent practice and application.

Encouraging open conversations to broaden perspectives.

Tackling diverse problems for homework ease and confidence.

Regular updates on your child’s achievements and areas for improvement.

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